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AAU Basketball

AAU Basketball

AAU is competitive basketball for grades 5th-11th during the Spring/Summer. Typically will have 1-2 practices per week and 5-8 tournaments including at least one out of state tournament. Most clubs will hold tryouts in August/September for the following Spring season. There any many clubs in the Metro area including but not limited to the following listed. The WGBA is in no way affiliated with the AAU program. We are providing you with this information as a service only. If you would like more information please visit the Club websites.


Mn Suns

Mn Stars

North Tartan

Mn Fury

Metro Stars

AAU Crossfire General Information

Crossfire launched its AAU Basketball program in 2011 with one 7th grade girls’ team.  That team proceeded to win the Minnesota State AAU Basketball Championship, and qualify for the National AAU Tournament in Clarksville, TN.

Since then we have had several teams place high in both state and national competition, providing those players with exposure to college coaches around the country.

Having said that, we approach AAU basketball from a different perspective.  We have shown it is possible to win state championships, play in national tournaments, gain exposure to college coaches, etc. and still emphasize skill development and life balance.

The Crossfire Difference...

Faith:  We are a faith-based program.  We use competitive sports as a vehicle to teach Biblical principles.  We utilize materials from the Fellowshp of Christian Athletes extensively in that pursuit.  Our athletes are taught to play sports to glorify God, versus themselves.

Balance:  We emphasize a balanced approach to athletics, teaching that basketball ranks fourth behind God, familiy, and academics.  We try to accomplish this through sensible scheduling, reasonable accomodation to spring sports schedules, and coaches who teach through positive reinforcement.

Fundamentals:  The most common criticism of AAU basketball is that skill development is sacrificed to win games.  Our coaches do not take short cuts to win games.  Sixty percent of our practice time is devoted to skill development.

For more information or questions involving Crossfire basketball, please e-mail or visit the web: