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Coaches Corner

Coaching Applications

Coaching Guidelines

Positive Coaching Behavior  - 90/10 rule

  • We want a positive atmosphere for all the players but that doesn’t mean you can’t get on the girls for things like lack of effort, lack of intensity, lack of focus, disobeying team rules, and selfish play – pick the right times for maximum results.
  • Sportsmanship/Respect all players, families and coaches for both teams and officials.
  • Follow the WGBA Coaches Code of Ethics & Double-Goal Coaching guidelines


Individual and Team Fundamentals

  • 50% of practice time dedicated to individual skill development and team fundamentals
  • Develop all players in practice and allow for game experience when possible(i.e ball-handling)
  • Encouraged to Limit Zone Defense(6th-8th only) to 20% of the time
  • Encouraged to keep Set Plays on Offense to a minimum to promote growth & development of all player’s offensive fundamentals


Team Characteristics

  • Girls playing hard, aggressively and competing, playing together – unselfishly,  being positive and respectful of coaches, teammates, other teams and referees  and GIRLS HAVING FUN
  • Parent Coaches to not give special attention to own daughter(i.e. always the go to player).  Positions, roles and playtime based on skill and overall ability shown in practice/games.



  • It is important, players like to win but it’s not win at all costs. Winning(or losing) the right way by following the above guidelines is more worthwhile and fun.

Practice Plan Framework


Individual Skills (dribbling/shooting)

Position Skills (Guards/Forwards)

HC Team Offense-Defense

Special Plays

  • Quick Hitters
  • Inbound Plays
  • Press Break

FC Scrimmage

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