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MYAS Spring/Fall

Spring and Fall Basketball

What is MYAS?

Basketball programs that offer an opportunity for in-house and traveling teams to participate in a Spring and/or Fall program to gain valuable practice and game experience.

Who can play on a team?

There are team’s grades 3rd-12th. Teams are determined by age and typically have 8-12 per team. A coach or parent can organize a team.

What about practice time?

The teams can request gym space up to 2 practices per week from Community ED. Contact is Linda


Equipment can be borrowed from WGBA by contacting the WGBA equipment Board member.

When does it start?

Spring basketball runs from April through June. Fall basketball runs from September through November. Teams can choose the number of tournaments they want to play.

How much does it cost?

The cost for each player is determined by the number of players on a team, tournaments played, cost of gym space and insurance.

The WGBA is in no way affiliated with the MYAS program. We are providing you this information as a service only. If you would like more information please visit the MYAS website.