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The Wayzata Girls Basketball Association exists to improve the basketball skills of it's participants by sponsoring basketball programs for girls in grades K-12 and by working closely with the Wayzata High School program to promote and foster girls basketball. If you need more information about the WGBA program or have questions please contact one of our board members. A list of contacts can be found by clicking Board on the menu bar.

Shot Club Participants

Shot Club Participants


Congratulations to these girls who worked hard over the summer to achieve their Shot and Dribble Goals.


Girls listed in order of Grade

Jersey # Name Grade Shots Dribble (Min)
2 Heather Sheehy 4 15524 2416
11 Jadyn Breen 4 12370 2172
22 Julia Smith 4 10100 1850
45 Eydie Eichhorn 4 10003 1960
33 Elli Howard 4 10002 1535
30 Maddyn Greenway 4 4175 540
35 Amarissa Hopf 4 3025 900
20 Chloe Feldman 5 7115 3795
12 Sophie Hawkinson 5 5600 850
23 Sarah Hyde 5 5260 1860
54 Kaeli Knutson 5 3450 520
25 Amanda Severson 6 7500 560
45 Stacy Chen 6 7156 1390
13 Sophie Mareck 6 6670 1850
22 Anika Malloy 6 6631 1009
14 Grace Illingworth 6 6144 4500
4 Shannon Fornshell 7 10477 115
14 Kennedy Veldhouse 7 10260 3333
41 Jessica Oberlander 7 10020 1500
52 Sophia Johnson 7 10010 1530
1 Risa Bumgardner 7 9323 1785
20 Allie Feldman 7 6260 39753
3 Kate Adams 7 10405 1505
31 Megan Smith 8 10109 1025
2 Leah Blomquist 8 10016 1608


Wayzata families enjoyed a night out Sunday, January 21, 2018 at the MN Gopher vs Iowa Hawkeyes Women's Basketball Game.

This event happened on August 22nd and was a great success!  Here are a couple of pictures:


Save on preventive youth heart screening for a limited time!

Exciting News!  Wayzata Girls Basketball Association (WGBA) has partnered with PraeVeni SBC ( to make available state-of-the-art preventive youth heart screenings at a reduced cost. 

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends routine heart screenings every two years for athletes under the age of 25.  WGBA is committed to the safety of your families and has chosen to further subsidize the cost for screening WGBA Players.  We encourage you to consider scheduling a screening appointment for ALL your children ages 5 - 25.

Click here to schedule a screening appointment:                SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT

  • Redeem code for Non-Players to (save $15):             WGBA-15
  • Redeem code for WGBA Players (save $25):              WGBA-25

Most heart problems in young people are present at birth, show now outward symptoms, and become unstable over time.  Approximately 1 in every 10 children are born with a congenital heart condition, of which 30% will have moderate to severe lifelong heart risk.  Over 95% of these silent heart problems have associated risk features that are detectable by a quality Echocardiographic (Ultrasound) screening test uniquely capable of identifying early structural, functional, and hemodynamic abnormalities. 

PraeVeni’s Focused Echocardiographic Screening Test (FEST™) includes a risk assessment questionnaire, sequential blood pressure check, and a sensitive Echocardiographic Rule-Out test.  The FEST affirms key heart and blood vessel features are NORMAL and thereby rules-out >95% of known risks associated with sudden cardiac death (SCD).

Screening tests are administered at PraeVeni’s screening center conveniently located at 6565 City West PKWY, Eden Prairie (15-minutes from Wayzata).

The screening test is simple and affordable… and can have a positive impact on you and your children for a lifetime!  Register early as available times are expected to fill quickly.

For any questions, please call (952) 222-9655 or email

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