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Click this Link to be navigated to our Polices Page which has detailed information on our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan


COVID-19 CLOSE CONTACT, POSITIVE TEST AND ASSOCIATED SYMPTOMS REPORTING. Please complete this form to report if an athlete or coach has had close contact with an individual outside of WGBA, if there are any symptoms, or a positive COVID- 19 test of an athlete or coach. Names will be held private from any team, association, or league communications and will only be used for contact tracing

WGBA 2020-21 Refund policy

With so many unknowns going into our season we want to be clear regarding our refund policy for the 2020-2021 season. If the season is canceled before it starts we will offer a full refund, the only exception being 4th-grade travel uniform cost. Once the season begins we will offer a pro-rated refund based on the amount of season that is lost due to COVID-19. 


The Wayzata Girls Basketball Association exists to improve the basketball skills of it's participants by sponsoring basketball programs for girls in grades K-12 and by working closely with the Wayzata High School program to promote and foster girls basketball. If you need more information about the WGBA program or have questions please contact one of our board members. A list of contacts can be found on the Board Members Page.

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Congratulations to these girls who worked summer of 2020 to achieve their Shot and Dribble Goals.


Girls will be  listed in order of grade, poings


Name Grade Shots Dribble
Katie Gustafson K 1,000 100
Lily Rose Tran 1st 6,510 1,260
Jennifer Gustafson 3rd 6,000 400
Beckett Greenway 4th


Sawyer Backer 4th 14,696 1,520
Brielle Denkmann 4th 11,370 3,015
Faith Sundet 4th 10,160 1,736
Nikki Gustafson 4th 10,000 1,000
Delaney Nelson 4th 8,386 1,209
Elyn Doherty 4th 6,775 1,525
Maddie Wood 5th 11,215 1,500
Iris Mann 5th 10,867 1,878
Shea Kuehnel 5th 10,315 1,861
Amelia Majerus 5th 10,061 1,512
Bani Singh 5th 8,950 3,720
Brielle Hedtke 5th 8,733 1,005
Lexi Miller 5th 7,719 1,915
Lila Hawkinson 5th 7,710 1,065
Dahlilah Fesenmaier 5th 6,160 2,015
Emma Stellmacher 5th 6,070 1,198
Evie Backer 6th 18,811 2,065
Maren Day 6th 14,863 2,104
Annika Kieser 6th 13,955 3,190
Isabella Margulis 6th 12,977 2,291
Sailor Friedly 6th 10,275 2,033
Sydney Friedly 6th 10,121 1,686
Ava Doherty 6th 7,115 2,145
Leah Cole 6th 6,000 1,020
Heather Sheehy 7th 27,398 2,398
Jadyn Breen 7th 25,501 2,987
Srelikhn Srinivasa 7th 21,860 2,980
Eydie Daniels 7th 10,281 1,810
Gurmann Singh 7th 9,960 3,675
Natalie Smih 7th 7,926 1,441
Natlie Smith 7th 7,926 1,441
Amarissa Hopf 7th 6,972 1,175
Cyrena Carr 7th 6,785 1,110
Elli Howard  7th 6,407 1,037
Addison Graves 7th 6,012 1,011
Sophia Hawkinson 8th 20,130 1,060
Sophia Emma Tran 8th 10,846 1,960
Haley Woodrum 8th 10,075 1,510
Riley Heinz 8th 10,010 1,505
Katie Gustafson K 1,000 100